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Julia Amson – 3rd Dan / Sandan – Club Coach
Julia is the head coach for the club, and as such is the main authority in the club. Julia is the main liaison between us and the WJJF, handling the bulk of the operations including handling payments, arranging for gradings and facilitating the ordering of uniforms for new students.
  • Julia started learning Judo in 1980.
  • Julia started learning Ju-Jitsu in 1986.
  • She earned her 1st Dan / Shodan in 1992.
  • She earned her 2nd Dan / Nidan in 1995.
  • She earned her 3rd Dan / Sandan in 2004.
  • Julia qualified as a support coach in 1995.
  • Qualified as a Club coach in 2004.
  • Opened ‘Dragon Spirit Ju-Jitsu’ in 2004

About me: My interest in martial arts started in 1980 when my brother suggested we attended a Judo club that had opened at our school. Several weeks later and I was hooked. While I only achieved a yellow belt with 3 red tabs, I enjoyed the sport and was lucky enough to qualify for the Bucks B Judo squad in the early 80’s and fought a number of competitions with them, as well as competitions with my own club.

Moving up to secondary school meant life got busier and my interest in Judo waned. I then discovered ju jitsu in the mid 80’s, again through my brother attending a class at a local school, which I then started attending also. I also appreciated the fact that ju jitsu was a self defence and not a sport and could prove more useful in the future.

I joined the WJJF in the 90’s and attained my black belt, Shodan in 1992, my Nidan (2nd dan) in 1995 and Sandan (3rd dan) in 2004. As you can see, I have never been one to chase grades and I am content to excel at my present level rather than be mediocre at a higher level as I will only grade when I know the syllabus to a very high standard and to achieve this, I have to be able to commit to attending Liverpool for training on a regular basis for a minimum of at least 6-12 months.

I have been teaching martial arts since the 90’s firstly in a supporting role and then as a club coach running my own club. I enjoy teaching as this enables me to pass on the knowledge I have and my hope is that if any student is caught in a dangerous situation, they are able to utilise this knowledge to protect themselves and stay safe.

Adam after his Shodan grading
Adam Tritton – 2nd Dan / Nidan – Club Coach
Adam works in partnership with Julia to help run the club, taking over lessons in her absence. He also manages this website, the social media accounts and advertising.
  • Started learning Ju-Jitsu in 2006.
  • He earned his 1st Dan (Shodan) black belt in 2014.
  • He earned his 2nd Dan (Nidan) black belt in 2020.
  • Began coaching as a support coach in 2015.
  • Reached Club coach in 2018.

About me: My journey into martial arts began when I was about 7 years old. My parents signed my older sister and I up for a Saturday morning “Karate” class at a local gym. I think they sold me on the idea of being able to “fight like a Power Ranger“, which worked! In hindsight I realise they only signed us up for the “Karate” classes so they could get some gym time in!
I later found out that those classes weren’t actually Karate, but an offshoot of Taekwondo called “Choi Kwang-do“. My guess is that it was being advertised as ‘Karate‘ because more people have heard of that rather than ‘Choi Kwang-do‘.

I started Ju-Jitsu back in 2006 upon a recommendation from a friend, after an incident a few weeks prior. So one November evening, my younger brother Ryan and I came down and joined up. We all trained together every week until I left for university between 2009-2012. After university I returned to Aylesbury and resumed my training. At that point I was a Brown + White belt and spent my first few months back revising my previous knowledge before continuing further. Eventually in 2014 I earned my 1st Dan.

It was around this time Julia suggested becoming an assistant coach and helping out with the children’s class, noting my professional experience working in education and psychology would come in handy. I was awarded this in March 2015. From this point I also took on the role of ‘advertising manager’, setting up this website and all of our social media profiles.

Alongside this I was also working towards my 2nd Dan (Nidan). I was eligible to take the grading from 2016, but between coaching duties and the fact the WJJF 2nd Dan syllabus involves a lot of weapons, I wanted to make sure I knew them inside and out. Around March 2019 I decided that I had waited enough, and as I had to travel to the WJJF HQ in Liverpool for my coaching refresher course, I might as well make an attempt. As it would turn out, I actually failed on the day, but was then later awarded my 2nd Dan in June 2020.

Right now I am training for my 3rd Dan which I am aiming to achieve by 2023 (there is a 3 year minimum gap between 2nd and 3rd dan). I’d like to also start training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to expand my knowledge, and I have considered the possibility of opening an extra class for us.
I have also been doing a lot of reading about martial arts and sharing my knowledge in various articles in the Education section and a few field trips.

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