Health and Safety

Health and safety is our number one concern each and every lesson, and we take measures to prevent potential accidents or injuries.

Each and every class begins and ends with a warm up and cool-down (respectively), and all students practice ‘break-falls’ after the warm up.
Break-falls are techniques that a person uses to minimise injuries by controlling the way they fall. For example when going falling backwards, a person would tuck their in chin to their chest so that they avoid hitting the back of their head on the ground.

As what we do involves lifting and throwing people, it is very important that people are matched with others of a similar height and weight. This is one of the reasons classes are split between children’s and adults classes, as it would be too dangerous for child to throw an adult or for an adult to throw a child. This is part of the reason we do not take on children aged 6 or under.

Our Equipment
The mats we use are 40mm (1.57 inch) thick and made from high-density non-slip foam. For comparison, most yoga mats are between 1.5mm (1/16th inch) and 6.3mm (1/4 inch) thick, where as most school gym mats are 10mm (0.4 inch) thick.

Our Gi’s (the uniform we wear) also help protect us as most are made from thick cotton canvas, depending on the manufacturer.

Students in the children’s class will not train with weapons, with the exception of corded, foam Nunchaku. Even in the adults class we will use blunt weapons. Any and all sharpened blades are forbidden.

Our Coaches
Our club is run by Head Club Coach Julia Davies who is a 3rd Dan black belt. She is assisted by Club Coach Adam Tritton who is a 2nd Dan black belt, and Support Coach Andy Fyfe who is a 2nd Dan black belt.
(See more – The Uniform and Belts)

There are 3 rank of coaches within the WJJF:

  • Support Coaches (Green badge). Support coaches will work under the supervision of the club/senior coach running a session. They are qualified to teach up to Blue+White belt. Support coaches were previously known as ‘Assistant coaches’, which is why many coaches of this rank have older badges labelled as such.
  • Club Coaches (Blue badge). Club coaches can run classes by themselves and can teach up to 1st dan Black belt. This is the minimum coaching rank required to open a club and run classes. Support coaches can become club coaches after 5+ years at support coach level.
  • Senior Coaches (Red badge) Senior coaches teach and grade 2nd dan black belt and beyond. Senior coaches must be a minimum of 3rd dan black belt and are invited to the rank by the WJJF management.

All WJJF coaches must:

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