How do I join? / Before you join

I’m interested in joining, what do I need to do?
We have a simple 3-step plan to help people get into Ju-Jitsu which is as follows:

1) Visit us in person to watch a lesson.
The first thing we encourage is for potential students to visit us in person so that you may watch a lesson whether it’s for yourself or for your child(ren).
There is no need to contact us first, all you need to do is turn up and introduce yourself to either Sensei Julia or Sensei Adam. You can identify either of us by our navy blue tops and black belts, but if you can’t find us then you can always just ask any of the students there to point one of us out to you.

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The reason we recommend coming is person is so you can see how our classes are run, what’s involved and it allows you to ask us anything about us and/or the classes. While we have comprehensive FAQ section, seeing something in person is always better than reading about it or watching videos online! Either Sensei Julia or Adam will try to take some time to speak to you once the class has started even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Our lessons last for 1 hour but you don’t need to stay for the whole lesson. You are not under any obligation to take any registration forms if you don’t want to. It’s perfectly fine to walk away if you feel that Ju-Jitsu or our classes aren’t suitable for you or your child(ren).

If you are still interested in joining then we will give you a membership form(s) for you to fill out. We advise everyone not to fill it out there and then, instead suggesting you take it home with you to give yourself time to think it over.
In the past we have had to use a waiting list system for our children’s class. In this situation we would still offer you a registration form and would take your contact details from you (if we don’t already have them) so that we can notify you when a space becomes available.

2) Fill out a registration form.
For insurance purposes we require all students to register with our governing body, the World Ju-Jitsu Federation (WJJF), before they can be allowed to train on the mat.
It is for this reason that we cannot offer any “free” or “taster” lessons.
Upon joining you receive a ‘Budo pass’ which is the name of the licence that allows you to practice at any WJJF registered club. It is also used by the WJJF to track your progress along the belts, along with any courses and seminars you attended.

If you have visited us in person then we will have given you an membership form for you to fill out. When you next see us you will need to bring both the form and payment for the membership fee.

  • The registration is paid yearly via the club
  • The registration fee for the children’s class (7 – 15yr olds) is £28.
  • The registration fee for adults class (16+ year olds) is £32.
  • We can accept cash or cheques (made payable to ‘J Davies’) but not any credit or debit cards.

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3) Get on the mat!
You are now ready for your first class! At this point you may be wondering what you need to wear. For the first few sessions we advice that any gym-wear is best, though nearly any comfortable clothing will do. Please don’t wear anything too tight or warm as you will be expected to get sweaty.
For safety reasons have to ask that the following items are NOT worn on the mat during classes:

  • Any and all jewellery, with the exception of small stud earrings which must be covered with a plaster. Wedding/engagement rings are permitted if they do not have any protruding stones.
  • Belts / Braces with metal clips.
  • No outdoor shoes or trainers. Barefoot is preferred but socks may be worn provided that they are not loose.
  • Fitness watches/devices such as FitBit’s.

The uniform (called a Keikogi“, “Dōgi” or just “Gi” for short) is not required for membership to the WJJF, but is required if you wish to grade for belts. These are sold by the WJJF and can be brought through the club. The uniform includes your initial red belt. We advise that you to speak to Julia or Adam at the club to help gauge which size you need.

Size Height Price Size Height Price
0 130cm / 4’3″ £32 5 180cm / 5′ 11″ £40
1 140cm / 4’7″ £37 6 190cm / 6′ 3″ £40
2 150cm / 4′ 11″ £37 7 200cm / 6′ 7″ £45
3 160cm / 5′ 3″ £40 8* 210cm / 6′ 11″ £45
4 170cm / 5′ 7″ £40 9* 220cm / 7′ 3″ £50

* The WJJF does not stock these sizes and may be made to order.

If you already have a Keikogi uniform from classes elsewhere, please be advised that not all uniforms are made the same. While they may look similar to ours there are subtle differences in their construction.
For example the ‘Karategi’ tends to made of thinner, lighter material that is has a looser fitting allowing the wearer more flexibility and a wider range of motion.
A ‘Judogi’ on the other hand may use a thicker material and have more stitching along the seams to make it more resistant to tearing and to provide the wearer more protection for when they are thrown on the mat.
If you are willing to accept the risk that your uniform may become ripped then you are welcome to wear it on the mat.

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What if I’m already a member of the WJJF?

  • If you are an existing member of the WJJF visiting from another club then all we need to see is your Budo pass to check it is still in date, and you will be welcome to train that day.
  • If you are an expired member then you will of course need to renew your membership before you can train again.
  • If you are looking to transfer to our classes permanently then you will also need to fill out a “Request for Club Transfer” form. This applies both if you an existing or expired member.

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