Dragon Spirit Ju-Jitsu

The Syllabus, Training and Gradings

Children’s Class:
The children’s class is for anyone aged between 7 and 15 years old. Unfortunately we cannot take on children aged 6 or under. The syllabus taught is toned down version of the adult syllabus. For example at for their Black belt gradings a child student would have to demonstrate a set of 15 throws, whereas adults would have to show 25.
Students are encouraged to throw each other a gently as they can, focusing more on form than the application. Students learn locks but do apply them ‘fully’, instead applying the minimum amount of pressure to apply

The adult class is for anyone aged 16 or older. Students will practice the same techniques as the students with additional content. Newer students will apply locks with gentle force and throw partners in a safe manor. As they progress though the belts, techniques are applied more firmly as they have more experience with restraining and applying locks without causing injury.

How do I earn belts?
Belts are awarded via grading sessions. We aim to hold grading sessions every 4-6 months though we vary these according to each students needs. Occasionally we will grade individuals during a regular class rather than making them wait until the next grading session.

All grading’s are held at our Aylesbury class, with the exception of the Black belt grading’s which are held twice a year at the World Ju-Jitsu Federation HQ in Liverpool.

A Typical Lesson
This is an overview of a typical session for both the juniors and seniors. We adjust it where needed.

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