What are the costs?

We have 4 main costs. The registration fee, the mat fee, the uniform, and grading fees.

The Registration fee
For insurance purposes we require all students to register with our governing body, the World Ju-Jitsu Federation (WJJF).
It is for this reason that we cannot offer any “free” or “taster” lessons. Upon joining you receive a ‘Budo pass’ which is a licence that allows you to practice at any WJJF registered club. It is also used by the WJJF to track your progress along the belts, along with any courses and seminars you attended.

  • Registration is paid yearly via the club
  • The registration fee for the children’s class (7 – 15yr olds) is £28.
  • The registration fee for adults class (16+ year olds) is £32.
  • We can accept cash or cheques (made payable to ‘J Davies’) but not any credit or debit cards.

The mat fee
The mat fee is paid per session. This helps us pay our rent to the 9th Aylesbury Scout group whose hall we used. Most of our students pay this on a class-by-class basis, paying Julia (the head coach) upon entering the class. You can also pay for groups of classes in advance if you wish.

  • The mat fee for the children’s class is £4.00 per session
  • The mat fee for adults class is £4.50 per session

The Uniform
The uniform (called a Keikogi or just ‘Gi’ for short) is not required for membership to the WJJF, but is required if you wish to grade for belts. These are sold by the WJJF and can be brought through the club. The uniform includes your initial red belt. We advise that you to speak to Julia or Adam at the club to help gauge which size you need.

Size Height Price Size Height Price
0 130cm / 4’3″ £32 5 180cm / 5′ 11″ £40
1 140cm / 4’7″ £37 6 190cm / 6′ 3″ £40
2 150cm / 4′ 11″ £37 7 200cm / 6′ 7″ £45
3 160cm / 5′ 3″ £40 8* 210cm / 6′ 11″ £45
4 170cm / 5′ 7″ £40 9* 220cm / 7′ 3″ £50

* The WJJF does not stock these sizes and may be made to order.
See also: FAQ – The Uniform and Belts

Grading Fees
We aim to hold gradings every 4-6 months. Gradings require a senior coach from outside of the usual coaching pool to join us for gradings. For us this means negotiating with other clubs to find out when their senior coaches might be able to attend, which is why there are no fixed grading dates.

Juniors (Children’s class) Seniors (Adults class)
  • White to Green belts: £26
  • Blue+White to Brown+White belt: £31
  • Brown Belt: £25*
  • Black+White (1st Dan): £60**
  • White to Green Belts: £31
  • Blue+White to Brown+white belts: £41
  • Brown Belt: £35*
  • Black (1st Dan): £120**

* The grading fee includes the cost of a sew on patch which is a WJJF grading requirement. There is no patch required for the Brown or Black belts so the cost of the patch is removed.
** Black belt grading’s for both juniors and seniors are held at the WJJF national headquarters in Liverpool, UK. These gradings are held twice a year usually at the end of March/early April and again end of September/early October. These events start early in the day, and given the distance from Aylesbury to Liverpool (approximately 182 miles) it is recommended that you factor in travel and overnight accommodation costs as well.

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