Where are you located?

Where to find us
We are based at the 9th Aylesbury Scout Hall on Oakfield Road, next door to Oakfield Surgery. As you arrive, turn left to head towards the scout hall car park.

Oakfield Scout Hall
Oakfield Road
HP20 1LJ

If you are driving, please use the free car park to your left. The car park to your right is for the Doctors surgery.

Entering the hall
As you enter the building you will see a large hall to your left, through a pair of double doors. This is the hall we use and you will see our noticeboard beside these doors. You will most likely see large blue floor mats set up (or being set up) and people in Gii’s. If you can see those, you’re in the right place! Note that often during the winter months we keep these double doors closed to help keep some heat in.

Also on site are ladies and gents bathrooms (directly ahead as you walk in the building) and a small kitchen to the left hand side (which we do not have permission to use)

A note about our exact address
The official address of the scout hall is the ‘Oakfield Scout Hall, Oakfield road‘ address listed above, however many of the websites we are registered with do not recognise it as a valid address, and many automatically adjust our listed address to the closest known address based on where the GPS pin has been placed. The end result for us is that our address is inconsistently listed across the various sites we are registered with, which is why we felt the need to include this section about the problem.

The closest we can get it to our correct address is to either use ‘50 Oakfield road‘ or ‘52 Oakfield road‘. Both these addresses are private residences and who have nothing to do with us. They do not accept any mail on our behalf and should not be contacted in regards to any matter relating to us, the 9th Aylesbury scout group or any other group who use the hall.

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