Accidental Social Media Hiatus

Hi, Adam here.

You might have noticed a lack of any posts from us on both our Facebook page or our Twitter account this week. The reason for this was because my computer died during the week.

What I usually do is write and schedule the posts on a Sunday for the following week or two so that they will automatically get posted while I’m at work. The problem arose last week when I sat down to write this weeks posts and my computer did not want to cooperate with me. In the end I spent most of my afternoon trying to get my computer to work and ended up forgetting about what I had wanted to use my computer for in the first place.

Hence the lack of updates this week. My fault, sorry about that.

I have now set up the all the posts and reminders for the usual times, going all the way up to and including half term.

As a future note, if we do miss a post for whatever reason, you can always message Julia or myself directly if you ever need to know if a class is on or not.