Children’s class full!

Our children’s class has now reached its maximum safe capacity, meaning we can no longer accept any new students for the children’s class. Spaces at our children’s classes have become highly sought after and we are now operating a waiting list for children who want to join.

We therefore need students to attend on a regular basis. Failure to attend 4 classes in a row means you will lose your space to a new student. If you then want to return, you will be placed on the waiting list to await a free space. If a student is unable to attend due to sickness or injury then exceptions to this rule will be made on a case by case basis.

Should a space be made available then we will contact the parents of the first on the list to see if they are still interested. If they are no longer interested we will contact the next on the list, and so on until the space can be filled.

We’d also like to remind people that while the children’s class is full, we do have spaces in our adults class!