Coronavirus / COVID-19 update #2

At our last update we set a provisional re-opening date of Friday 15th May which is of course today. However we are again extending our decision to remain closed for the time being. Previously we set a new provisional re-opening date but this time we are not going to, opting instead to simply remain indefinitely closed until the lockdown is fully lifted.

We stress the emphasis on ‘fully’ lifted for a simple reason. While the Government has this week set out plans for schools to begin re-opening in June and issued guidance for personal trainers and coaches to begin a phased return, as Ju-Jitsu is martial art based on throwing, grappling and striking opponents, it is near impossible for us to do so while maintaining a 2-meter safe distance between people!

We would love to be able to say when we can re-open but at the moment we can not. When we are able to reopen we will let you know here on the website, through our Facebook page and group, on our Twitter account, and everywhere else we exist online!

In the mean time, we have been posting a new Kata video as revision aides for students to practice at home on our YouTube channel, and we have a few more still to post. We’ve also found some educational resources to share so even if we’re not practising Ju-Jitsu, we can all still learn something!