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Coronavirus / COVID-19 update #1

When the lockdown was first announced we provisionally and rather optimistically set a potential reopening date of Friday 24th April, which is this week. As the lockdown is set to still be in effect for a few more weeks, we’ve moved our potential reopening date to Friday 15th May. Again this is another provisional and optimistic date, which may still change to another even later date.

If/when it changes or indeed when we are able to reopen, we will let you know here on the website, through our Facebook page and group, on our Twitter account, and everywhere else we exist online!

In the meantime, we’re still encouraging students to have a go practising their Katas at home as part of the #WJJFGardenKata challenge, and we have been posting a new Kata revision video on our YouTube channel every Friday. You can watch the full playlist of the Katas we’ve posted so far here.

Stay safe, keep washing your hands for 20 seconds, and keep practising those Katas!

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