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COVID Exposure notice (26/11/2021)


A parent of a child who attended the below class has informed us their child tested positive for Covid-19 over the weekend.

We have emailed the parents of other children in the class that night. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAILS IF YOUR CHILD ATTENDED THIS PAST FRIDAY NIGHT.  You may have also been contacted by NHS test and trace already.

If not, you are advised to book a PCR test for your child as soon as possible. This can be done via the website – Should you test positive you will need to follow NHS instructions and isolate for 10 days. Please can you also notify us via the ‘Covid reporting’ page found here –

Both senseis Julia and Adam have taken lateral flow tests and have PCR tests arranged. Until we know their results, we cannot yet confirm if the classes for 3/12/21 will go ahead or not.

EDIT: We have re-sent the email to parents, as we had previously sent the email in Gmail’s ‘confidential mode’ which is meant to make sure it only goes to the right people by asking them to sign in to their email account. However this gave it the appearance of it being some type of scam.

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