Final reminder!

Since we reopened back in July, we have reached out to everyone we had on register as of March 2020, to find out who is interested in returning and who is not.

This has been due to our children’s class using a waiting list, so we need to know who is planning on returning and who is not in order to start offering places to people on the waiting list.

So far about 70% have responded and many of those have been training with us over the summer! Others have responded to let us know they plan on returning after the summer holidays. This leaves us with a minority who either haven’t responded at all, or have not officially signed up again by filling out a membership form.

To be clear,

  • Everyone who was on register when we closed in March 2020 has not lost their place. So far we have only taken off people who have explicitly told us they aren’t planning on returning.
  • The waiting only applies to the children’s class, and there are spaces in the adults class. We would still appreciate it if students from that class could also respond if they have not done so already.

The deadline for responses is now just under a couple weeks away. If we have not heard from you by Friday 17th September 2021, we will assume you do not wish to return, and we will start offering places to those on the waiting list. Should you wish to rejoin after this point, you will be put onto the waiting list.

We would be very grateful if those students remaining could clarify whether or not they intend to return to training. You can message either Julia or Adam directly, or contact us via the website.

You can also download a copy of the membership form (below) and email it to us using our address.

Click to download – WJJF-Membership-Form-26.02.2021.pdf (419 kb)

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