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First week back!

It was a quiet start, but we’ve finally had our first week back!

We knew it was going to be a quiet start as we have reached out to all the students (or their parents) we had on register as of March 2020, and some of those who responded told us they would be taking the opportunity to go on holiday. On the whole, the majority of you have responded.

There are however, a minority of students who have not responded yet. We would be very grateful if those students could clarify whether or not they intend to return to training, either now or later in September. You can message either Julia or Adam directly, or contact us via the website.

As a reminder, we are planning on being open over the summer holidays this year, so you don’t need to wait until September if you don’t want to!
The opening times are the same as they were before; Doors open around 18:45 with the childrens class starting at 19:00 and the adults class starting at 20:00!

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