Interim Gradings 1st March 2019

We have been given permission to hold an interim grading for up to 4 adults and 6 children.

While we would like to have everyone ready to grade at the same time, people progress at different rates and we have some students ready to grade for whom it would be unfair to make them wait for other students to be ready.

Unlike normal gradings this grading will not require the presence of an outside coach to evaluate both the students grading and us as coaches. Because of this we have been limited to the numbers of adults and children quoted above.

We have spoken to the students we feel are ready and invited them to grade. If you have been approached by us to grade you will need to bring in your Budo Pass and Grading fee this Friday 15th February. As a reminder, these are our current grading fees:

Juniors (Children’s class) Seniors (Adults class)
  • White to Green belts: £26
  • Blue+White to Brown+White belt: £31
  • Brown Belt: £25*
  • Black+White (1st Dan): £60**
  • White to Green Belts: £31
  • Blue+White to Brown+white belts: £41
  • Brown Belt: £35*
  • Black (1st Dan): £120**

* The grading fee includes the cost of a sew on patch which is a WJJF grading requirement. There is no patch required for the Brown or Black belts so the cost of the patch is removed.