Late Arrivals.

A couple months ago we began to notice that students for both the children’s and adults classes have been arriving after the classes have started. We addressed this by speaking to the students or parents in question as well as including a general notice in a news post. Unfortunately this does not seem to have helped. We will of course be talking to the students (or their parents) again directly.

We would like to remind you again when students arrive late for class, it means either the class may not start on time, or that Julia or Adam have to spend extra time making sure these students have properly warmed up instead of teaching the actual lessons. In both cases, this takes away practice time from the other students. This is not fair.

Warm ups
The warm up is an important part of our class, but when students arrive late they may miss this part of the lesson. Some students have asked if they can not do the warm up because they “ran to class so are already warm” or other similar reasons. We as coaches have to ensure that all of our students have properly stretched and warmed up correctly as this prevents injuries and helps recovery. Simply running to class will not do this.

It is for this reason that we do a warm up every lesson, and why we will not allow students to not do a warmup unless there is a medical reason for them not to. The warm up is compulsory.

Members rules
As a reminder, the World Ju-Jitsu Federation members rules states:

All students must arrive in good time for the start of the class session and will not leave the mat without the permission of the Coach.
(Source: WJJF Members Rules 2022,

Going forward we will be implementing the following rule – Students who arrive more than 10 minutes after the start of lesson may be refused entry that week, unless they have notified us in advance that they may be late. We will also be tracking this in our register.

We accept that on occasions students will run late due to no fault of their own. If or when this happens we ask that you call or text to let us know that you may be late. Contact numbers for both Julia and Adam are below:

Where possible we will also let students know about any traffic issues that might effect travel, such as when a couple weeks ago the Tring Road was closed by the police a couple hours before the start of our class.
If or when these happen, we will text students or their parents to let them know as well as posting on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Opening / Arrival Times

  • We open the doors to the hall at around 18:45 (6:45pm).
  • The children’s class starts at 19:00 (7pm).
  • The adults class starts at 20:00 (8pm)

For the adults class specifically, students are encouraged to arrive at around 19:50 (7:50pm) so they have time to get ready before starting at 20:00 (8pm).

Thank you taking time to read this. We look forward to seeing you all next week in good time for your class so that we can all have the best session possible.

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