New Club Email Address

We have created a new email account, that is to be jointly accessible by both Sensei Julia and Adam.

Previously most of our online profiles (such as our Twitter account or listing) used Adam’s email address, which while there was no issue with it, it did mean Julia would be unable to access those sites to make any changes if needed.

Therefore we set up this new email is jointly accessible by both Julia and Adam and we will move to use it in future for any new pages. It will also make it easier to pass on access to those pages should either Julia or Adam stop coaching.

But without any further ado, the new address is: . You can of course still contact us through our private addresses if you want to speak to one of us directly.

Contact Us:
Head Club Coach Julia:
Tel: 07964753308

Club Coach Adam:
Tel: 07527297022

Club email (read by both Julia and Adam):