New Educational Section!

We have added a new educational section here on the website, dedicated to various educational resources which we feel help expand our students knowledge of Ju-jitsu, other martial arts, or martial arts culture in general.

While it is sparse right now, we aim to expand this over time. At the moment it has 4 pages within it:

  1. The glossary, which has been moved over from our ‘FAQ’ section. The glossary has also has another update itself, finally adding in audio clips so you can hear how various words are pronounced in Japanese. Just click on the 🔊 icon next to any of the words to hear them. We’ve also gone through and fixed up a few spelling and grammar errors.
  2. One of the 2 new pages is the recommended reading list which is a collection of books we have read and would like to share. They cover a wide array of subjects that don’t just focus on Jujitsu, but other martial arts, their history, the cultures they came from and the works of famous practitioners of those arts.
    We are very keen for this page to be community led so that we can get more recommendations from anyone who wishes to recommend them.
  3. Our recent short essay about The ‘Unwashed Black Belt’ Myth can now be found here. We would love to hear your ideas for any more subjects we could write about.
  4. Finally we have the second newly created page directing people to our YouTube channel. As we’ve been using this lockdown to post Kata videos, we felt it would be a good idea to have a more prominent link to that content for any future students to find.

As we’ve alluded to a couple of time, we would love to get your feedback or ideas for more content that could be put in this section. We have a few more ideas in the works which we will be adding in the coming weeks.

You can find the page in the menu bar above, or you can simply follow this link –