News Updates – August 2021

Hello all! Just a couple of quick notices.

Opening times and start times
We have noticed that students for the children’s class have been arriving at or after 7pm. When they arrive they not ready to start meaning the lesson may not actually begin until 7:10. While this may only be a few minutes, we only have a hour for class time and we would like to make every minute count.

We would like to remind parents that we open at 6:45pm, so that students have a chance to get ready before the class starts at 7pm. You don’t need to be here at 6:45, but we would like all students to be ready to start at 7pm.

Re-joining Deadline
Last week we asked all students to confirm whether or not they intended to return to training. On the whole, the majority of you have responded.

What we forgot to mention was the deadline. If we have not heard from you by Friday 17th September 2021, we will assume you do not wish to return and you will lose your place. Should you wish to rejoin after this point, you will be put onto the waiting list.

Just to be clear, everyone who was on register when we closed in March 2020 has not lost their place. We have only taken off people who have told us they don’t want return.

We would be very grateful if those students could clarify whether or not they intend to return to training, either now or later in September. You can message either Julia or Adam directly, or contact us via the website.

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