News Updates – September 2018

It’s been a while since we did a news update, so here are a few items of news.

Grading Fee Changes
Part of the grading requirements for each belt is to have a specific sew on badge applied to your uniform, which previously we had not fully enforced. We are now going to start re-enforcing these standards by adding the price of a patch onto the grading fee, so that you automatically buy a patch at each grading. Previously we had been selling the patches separately.

As these patches need to be applied to the uniform before the grading itself, we are going to add the cost of the first patch to the price of the uniform itself so that you have the first patch ready for your first grading. When paying the grading fee you would also be paying for the next patch ready for the that grading.

For example, if you were doing your green belt grading then you will get the pair of ‘leg flashes’ which are the required patches for the blue + white belt. Subsequently at your blue + white belt grading you would get a leg patch, ready for the Blue belt grading.
Alternatively, a new student buying a uniform would receive the chest patch (the required for the white belt), then once they were ready to grade they would pay for the grading and the ‘WJJF back patch’, which is the required patch for yellow belt.

For reference, here is the list of patches required by the WJJF, and where each patch should be sewn onto the uniform:

  1. White – WJJF chest badge
  2. Yellow – WJJF back patch
  3. Orange – Arm badge of choice
  4. Green – Arm badge of choice
  5. Blue/White – Pair leg flashes
  6. Blue – Leg patch of choice
  7. Purple – Leg patch of choice
  8. Brown/White – Arm badge of choice
  9. Brown – Arm badge of choice

We have also updated the “What are the costs?” page to reflect these changes.

WJJF Rules and Regulations
We have published a copy of the WJJF’s rules and regulations here on our website for all to see. This used to be included on the back of WJJF membership forms which students and/or parents would be able to take home and read, but the newer forms no longer have them listed, though the WJJF has a copy listed on their website.

It is important to note that there haven’t been any updates or changes to these rules and regulations. We are simply making them a bit easier to find. You can find our copy of them here – WJJF Members Rules 2016.pdf (110 kb)

Training with Haya Ashi, Norwich
Adam has been using our summer break to travel up to Norwich to attend the classes run by Kyōshi Robert Howes, who you may recall came to oversee our last two gradings.

This was primarily so he could practice for jis 2nd Dan black belt (Nidan), but also to see how different coaches teach their classes and to borrow new ideas. He has brought back extensive notes on move variations, different warm up routines and a couple new toys which you’ll have to see in class for yourself!

Adam has also been working with some of the senior staff in the WJJF to compile a glossary of terms used within Ju-Jitsu and the WJJF. This started out as a follow up to the belt order guide we made last year, but ended up being something a lot more comprehensive!

If you would like to take a look, you can find it here –

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