Possible Summer Holiday Openings?

With the summer holidays approaching, we have a question for you. Who might be able to attend lessons IF we ran them during the summer holidays?

Now we will say right away this is purely to gauge people’s availability. We are not committing to opening during the holidays and we aren’t expecting anyone to attend if they say they can just yet.

We are aware that as it is the summer holidays people will go away on holiday, which is of course totally fine! The question for us is whether or not will we have enough students each week, factoring in those who will be away.

There is a minimum number of students we would need to attend each week so that we break even on the rent to the scout group.

Which is why we are asking you here. You may let us by commenting below, messaging us directly or just speaking to us in class. Or some combination of the above. If we don’t hear from you then we will assume that you can’t attend.

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