Storm Eunice

Hi everyone, Adam here.

As you might have noticed, Storm Eunice is passing the UK today, with the Met Office issuing an Amber Warning for high winds in our area between 3am and 9pm, and a further Red warning active between 10am and 3pm.

While our lessons fall into the tail end of the window, it’s still quite likely that we may be effected, most likely through knock-on effects such tree’s in the road or power cuts. With that in mind, we may have to cancel our classes today.

As I live near the hall, I will be able to find out if the hall has been effected and will let you all know via this website and our usual social media platforms. I will aim to post an update by 5pm this evening.

Please follow the travel advice given. If you don’t feel it is safe to travel then please don’t. If you can’t make it then please text either Julia or I to let us know you won’t be coming tonight.

Stay safe!

EDIT 12:01 – Julia has had trees down in her area and confirmed she won’t be coming tonight.

EDIT 17:00 – I have been to the hall and found the heating was not on, making the hall very cold for training

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