Summer 2019

This Friday sees our last week of classes before the summer break. We all enjoy training, but it’s not quite as fun when it’s too hot!

After Fridays classes, we will reopen for lessons on Friday 6th September 2019.

That doesn’t mean it’s all stop for everyone though! Sensei Adam will be has a busy summer planned, with a Seminar in Manchester on the 3rd August being run by the highest ranked belt in the WJJF, Jūdan (10th Dan!) Shihan John Greenhalgh.

That’s on top of the 6 planned trips to Haya-Ashi Jujutsu in Norwich to attend classes run by Scichidan (7th Dan) Kyōshi Robert Howes, just as he did last year.

While this will be mostly for his own Nidan (2nd Dan) training, Adam will bring back more training methods and techniques for the rest of us to use!