Summer Opening Survey 2022

Summer Opening Survey
The summer holidays are nearly here, which usually means we close over the summer. We’ve done this in the past because we know a lot of students will go away on holiday during that time, and we require a certain minimum number of students to attend in order for us to pay the rent to the Scouts. So it makes sense for us not to open over the summer.

However, we know some people would still like to train over the summer which this year effects 7 weeks of classes. Therefore we would still like to see how many people may be able to attend classes over the summer. To do this we have created a simple survey on Google Forms.

We would like all students (or their parents) to fill out the survey so that we can get a gauge of who may be able to attend each week. We will keep the survey up until midnight on Friday 15th July. We will then decide which weeks to open based on the responses, and let you know on Monday 18th July.


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