Upcoming Grading Day – 25th May 2018

Our next grading day is coming up soon and will be on Friday 25th May 2018!

If you or your child plan to take the next grading, you will need to have your/their grading fee and budo pass in to us by Friday 11th May in order for them to be sent to the WJJF HQ in Liverpool in time. You also need to make sure your/their budo pass is in date prior to sending.

Gradings will cost as follows:

Juniors (Children’s class) Seniors (Adults class)
  • White to Green belts: £20
  • Blue+White to Brown belt: £25
  • White to Green Belts: £25
  • Blue+White to Brown belts: £35

We will also be visited again by Kyōshi Rob Howes, a 7th dan (Scichidan) senior coach in the WJJF and member of the WJJF board of directors.
Kyōshi Howes will be overseeing the gradings alongside Sensei Julia. As per the WJJF policy change introduced recently, Kyōshi Howes will be acting as an outside set of eyes.

The gradings will be held during normal class times. As we may have a lot of people to grade, good punctuality will be greatly appreciated.