We’re ready, are you?

This Friday gone (Friday 16th July) coaches Julia, Adam and Andy spent a couple hours thoroughly cleaning all the mats, gloves, weapons and even the floors! All are now ready for use again. The next question is, are you?

Prior to cleaning!

As a reminder, all of our members licences have now expired. These will need to be renewed before members can re-join us on the mats. To cut down time dealing with paperwork at the start of the first lesson back, it would help us all out if you could download and fill out the membership form (which you can get here – WJJF Membership Form (26.02.2021).pdf (418kb))

You can then either bring with you on Friday, or scan the completed form and email it back to us at our dragonspiritaylesbury@gmail.com address.

Whether you bring in your form or email it to us, you will also need to pay the correct membership fee with you. As a reminder:

  • The registration fee for the children’s class (7 – 15yr olds) is £28.
  • The registration fee for adults class (16+ year olds) is £32.
  • We can accept cash, cheques (made payable to ‘J Davies’), or bank transfer. Please contact Julia directly for the account details, as it is not wise to post account details openly on the internet.

Changes to Training.
There are a number of changes we will be implementing once we do fully return. To aid this we have created a dedicated FAQ page, which you can find here – https://dragonspiritaylesbury.co.uk/faqs/covid-19/

One of the buckets after one round of mopping the mats. That was a lot of dust!

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