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Student Annual Membership

  • All Annual memberships will be co-ordinated by the Club Coach, and registered at the WJJF Headquarters “The Clark Centre” [TCC] Barlows Lane, Liverpool.
  • All records will be held on a secure database at TCC​.
  • Memberships are renewed annually and it is the responsibility of the member or the parent/guardian of those under 16 years to ensure they keep their annual membership in date.
  • Your membership is your licence to train and allows the student to visit, as a guest, to any official WJJF registered club.
  • The WJJF has the right to refuse, decline or terminate any membership without the need to provide an explanation.
  • The annual membership will be invalidated if any of the information supplied on the application form is incorrect, in particular any undeclared medical conditions.
  • Membership fees include a free of charge insurance cover. No insurance claim will be accepted if his/her student membership is out date.
  • All students under the age of 16 years will be classed as Juniors and their membership application must be signed by a parent/guardian.
  • All students can visit any WJJF club, as a guest. However, if they wish to transfer clubs they must complete the necessary form, in full, requesting the move and send it direct to the Governing Body at TCC.
  • On acceptance of membership a Budo Pass will be issued. This will be the individual’s personal grading/training record.
  • The Budo Pass is the property of the individual.

All registered students undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the WJJF at all times and, in deference to their club rules, where they come into conflict. If any dispute should occur between the student and his/her club this matter should be referred to the WJJF for arbitration.

Dojo Rules

  • Students must be polite, respectful and conform to the dojo etiquette at all times.
  • Personal hygiene is of paramount importance.
  • Jewellery cannot be worn. Items which cannot be removed must be covered.
  • All existing injuries must be reported prior to the lesson taking place and if necessary, as they occur.
  • The WJJF accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained by students who attempt techniques which have not been demonstrated by the Club Coach and/or are not appropriate to their current level of training.
  • The word of the Coach(es) must be observed and followed at all times.
  • Students inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to train.
  • Training equipment which has not been approved by the Club Coach cannot be brought into the dojo or be used.
  • All students must arrive in good time for the start of the class session and will not leave the mat without the permission of the Coach.
  • Students will not bring into the dojo any articles, other than those for a specific application during training. Shoes must not be worn in the dojo. Slippers or suchlike are permitted and these may be left at the side of the tatami.

Grading Requirements
All students are required to have the appropriate number of badges on their Gi at all times PRIOR to any grading taking place. All badges stated are in addition to those badges required for the previous grade.

  • White – WJJF chest badge
  • Yellow – WJJF back patch
  • Orange – Arm badge of choice
  • Green – Arm badge of choice
  • Blue/White – Pair leg flashes
  • Blue – Leg patch of choice
  • Purple – Leg patch of choice
  • Brown/White – Arm badge of choice
  • Brown – Arm badge of choice

The WJJF reserves the right to refuse to grade any student not displaying the correct combination of badges at the time of an official grading.

Grading Timetable

  • A required number of weeks training must be completed prior to any grading taking place. This assumes one training session per week:
    • White Belt – 16 Weeks
    • White to Yellow Belt – 16 Weeks
    • Yellow to Orange Belt – 16 Weeks
    • Orange to Green Belt – 16 Weeks
    • Green to Blue/White Belt – 16 Weeks
    • Blue/White to Blue Belt – 16 Weeks
    • Blue to Purple Belt – 16 Weeks
    • Purple to Brown/White Belt – 16 Weeks
    • Brown/White to Brown Belt – 20 Weeks
    • Brown to Black/ Shodan – 52 Weeks
  • However, gradings should not be conducted totally on the stipulated number of weeks alone. The Senior Coach should/will take into account, firstly the level of grade, the ability of the individual, the knowledge, commitment and attendance of the student.
  • Revision of previous grades are an inclusive part of the grading process.
  • The Club Coach has the final word on who can grade. Grading guidelines and criteria are published on the web site. Kyu gradings are White to Brown inclusive.
  • Club Kyu gradings will be conducted in accordance with each individual clubs grading policy, but under the guidance rules and authority of the WJJF.

Black Belt/Dan gradings and Gold Tab gradings are conducted bi-annually at TCC, save in exceptional circumstances when permission can be granted for these to take place at an individual student’s club.


  • All students will follow the established syllabus of the WJJF. Variations and techniques taught elsewhere must not be attempted, demonstrated or used in the dojo.
  • Students will not use any of the techniques for personal gain.
  • All students must follow the instructions of the Coach conducting the training session
  • All reasonable efforts must be made to de-escalate and manage individuals who are aggressive or violent towards you.
  • If an occasion arises where techniques taught by the WJJF are used outside of a dojo, it must be in a self-defence manner only and as a last resort. In addition, the level of force used must be reasonable and proportionate to the circumstances. Only enough force should be applied to control the situation.

Common Law has always recognised that it is a person’s right to defend themselves or others as long as their actions are reasonable in the circumstances, and can be justified in a Court of Law.


  • All students will wear an official WJJF Gi (uniform) during all training sessions unless otherwise instructed by the Coach conducting the session and certainly for gradings.
  • All students attending WJJF seminars, events or representing the organisation must wear official WJJF attire.
  • All Technical Officers/Coaches conducting official gradings will wear black blazer with WJJF appropriate badge, grey trousers, blue official WJJF shirt, WJJF tie, black socks and black shoes. Female Technical Officers/Coaches will wear the aforementioned, with the exception of choice of trousers or skirt.

Opening of Clubs
No one will open a WJJF club unless they have completed and achieved all relevant coaching qualifications, and these qualifications are in date and: –

  1. Have an up to date and valid PI insurance.
  2. Have an up to date and valid Dojo registration.
  3. Have an up to date and valid DBS applied for through the WJJF.
  • The club is registered with the Governing Body and their club is not within 2 miles of a current WJJF club
  • Only the approved WJJF syllabus can be taught without variation.
  • All students must be registered at TCC
  • The Governing Body retains the right to refuse permission for a new club to open, if it is felt that it is not in the best interest of the WJJF.


  • All students/Coaches will respect each other at all times.
  • No racist, homophobic or religious discrimination by behaviour, word deed, conduct or action will be tolerated and that includes all areas within the public domain, as well as social media.
  • Items of clothing which may offend another person or group cannot be worn when attending a WJJF club or function, whether inside or outside the UK
  • Bullying (physical or mental) or any conduct against another person or group which could be construed as harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Breaches of any of your Club or the Federation rules could lead to expulsion from the WJJF.
  • If any complaints/disputes occur and cannot be resolved by the Club Coach it should be referred to TCC

Governing Body
The World Ju-Jitsu Federation UK CIC
The Clark Centre
Barlows Lane
L9 9EH

0151 523 9611
Email info@wjjf.co.uk

The WJJF reserves the right to amend add or delete any rule or regulation without prior notice. All amendments will be published on the Federation website.

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