News Update – 21/03/2022

It’s been a while since we posted one of these, so here’s a few updates.

Covid Update #11
As you will have seen by now, the UK Government announced the end of many Covid-19 restrictions in England. We have waited to see if the WJJF or the Scouts would update their policies or requirements since then, and so far we have not been made aware of any changes.

What this actually means for us is that our Covid Policy is still in effect. Whilst the legal requirement for people to self-isolate has been been removed, we will still:

  • Encourage all students to follow the safe practices established by the government,
  • Encourage student to notify us when they have tested positive for Covid, and
  • Discourage students who have tested positive for Covid from attending classes for the 10 days after testing positive

Over the last few months we have been working to upload copies of both WJJF policies and our club specific policies here on the website. You can find these at the top right of the page on the menu bar, or you can simply click here –

We will also start to carry a printed copy of our policies with us in classes. The only exception to this will be the WJJF Child Protection Policy, of which we will have an abridged version as the full document is 108 pages long.

Many of you will be familiar with our large white folder that has copies of the WJJF syllabus in. We will also use this to store copies of the policies in as well from now on.

Photo Consent
One of the policies you will see is our new Photos and Filming Policy, which we have written so that going forward we can be sure that we are using any media featuring students with the correct permissions, in order to comply with the Data Protection Act (2018).

We strongly suggest you read the full policy (linked above) however in essence;

  • We need the consent of every student to use their likeness in any social media posts or advertising.
  • For the junior students, we first need the parents consent then the consent of the student themselves.
  • Students have the right to refuse their likeness being used, in which case any images where they appear will be censored
  • Students can withdraw their consent at any time, without question. All you need to do is let us know which photos and where they have been used.

This will mean that ahead of our gradings on Friday (25th March 2022), we are asking all students to fill out a consent form. We have printed out copies of this form which will be available from Friday, but to make this a little easier you can download a copy of the form here – Dragon Spirit Ju-Jitsu Photography and Filming Consent Form.pdf (90.6kb)
Just print it out, sign it and hand it in to us as soon as possible.

We do also have some more long term plans for photos and filming, however we will let you know about these in due course.

Opening times and start times.
We have noticed that students for both the children’s class and adults have been arriving after the classes have started. When they arrive they not ready to start meaning the lesson may not start on time, or that Julia/Adam have to spend extra time making sure these students have properly warmed up instead of teaching the actual lessons.
While this may only be a few minutes, we each class is only an hour long and we would like to make every minute count.

We would like to remind parents that we open at 6:45pm, so that students have a chance to get ready before the class starts at 7pm. The same principle applies to the adults class. Please arrive before 8pm so you are ready to train as soon as possible once the children’s class has finished.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update #10

In light of the news on Wednesday 8th December that the UK government would move ahead with ‘Plan B’, we thought it would be prudent to give you a quick update of our plans.

The good news is that so far there aren’t any changes we need to make. As a refresher, here is our Coronavirus / COVID-19 Policy.

However, as we only have one week of lessons left this year and then a 3 week break, it is possible that the WJJF or Scouts will ask for changes to be implemented between now and when we return on Friday 14th January. If that happens, we will of course let you know if that happens.

COVID Exposure Update (26/11/2021)

This is a follow up to our previous post.

Last weekend one of the students in the children’s class tested positive for Covid-19, and their parents let us know on Monday. Naturally we wish them a fast recovery.

We contacted the parents of the other students in last Friday’s class and advised them to get PCR tests for them. So far we have heard back from all but two. All three of our coaches have also undergone PCR tests which have come back as negative for all three, meaning we can open tomorrow (3rd December 2021) as expected.

COVID Exposure notice (26/11/2021)


A parent of a child who attended the below class has informed us their child tested positive for Covid-19 over the weekend.

  • Date of class: 26/11/2021
  • Class effected: Children’s class

We have emailed the parents of other children in the class that night. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAILS IF YOUR CHILD ATTENDED THIS PAST FRIDAY NIGHT.  You may have also been contacted by NHS test and trace already.

If not, you are advised to book a PCR test for your child as soon as possible. This can be done via the website – Should you test positive you will need to follow NHS instructions and isolate for 10 days. Please can you also notify us via the ‘Covid reporting’ page found here –

Both senseis Julia and Adam have taken lateral flow tests and have PCR tests arranged. Until we know their results, we cannot yet confirm if the classes for 3/12/21 will go ahead or not.

EDIT: We have re-sent the email to parents, as we had previously sent the email in Gmail’s ‘confidential mode’ which is meant to make sure it only goes to the right people by asking them to sign in to their email account. However this gave it the appearance of it being some type of scam.

We’re ready, are you?

This Friday gone (Friday 16th July) coaches Julia, Adam and Andy spent a couple hours thoroughly cleaning all the mats, gloves, weapons and even the floors! All are now ready for use again. The next question is, are you?

Prior to cleaning!

As a reminder, all of our members licences have now expired. These will need to be renewed before members can re-join us on the mats. To cut down time dealing with paperwork at the start of the first lesson back, it would help us all out if you could download and fill out the membership form (which you can get here – WJJF Membership Form (26.02.2021).pdf (418kb))

You can then either bring with you on Friday, or scan the completed form and email it back to us at our address.

Whether you bring in your form or email it to us, you will also need to pay the correct membership fee with you. As a reminder:

  • The registration fee for the children’s class (7 – 15yr olds) is £28.
  • The registration fee for adults class (16+ year olds) is £32.
  • We can accept cash, cheques (made payable to ‘J Davies’), or bank transfer. Please contact Julia directly for the account details, as it is not wise to post account details openly on the internet.

Changes to Training.
There are a number of changes we will be implementing once we do fully return. To aid this we have created a dedicated FAQ page, which you can find here –

One of the buckets after one round of mopping the mats. That was a lot of dust!