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Who is your governing body?
Dragon Spirit Ju-Jitsu is registered with the World Ju-Jitsu Federation. Our club number is 400/1010.
We are lead by Club Coach Julia Davies (3rd Dan), who is assisted by Club Coach Adam Tritton (2nd Dan) and Support Coach Andy Fyfe (2nd Dan).

The WJJF logo (2021)

Who are the World Ju-Jitsu Federation (WJJF)?
The WJJF is one of the world’s largest Jujitsu organisations, with thousands of students training throughout the world. The WJJF brings the martial art of Jujitsu within reach of everyone. The WJJF itself is a progressive and forward thinking martial arts organisation, with the ever-changing dynamics of the world we recognize the history and practice of traditional martial arts, but have developed the style for a modern ever-evolving society.

Sōke Robert Clark (1946-2012)

The WJJF was established in 1976 in by Liverpool, UK. Our founder, Sōke Robert Clark, believed that every individual can learn Jujitsu. Sōke Robert Clark was a leading authority on Jujitsu and produced the WJJF syllabus, wrote a plethora of books and developed a range of videos after years of research and development. Since his passing in 2012, the new managing director Robert Hart is committed to continuing the work of Sōke Clark.

The ‘Clark Centre’ from outside.
The main training hall inside the Clark Cent0re

WJJF Contact Info:

World Ju-Jitsu Federation UK CIC
PO BOX 424
Phone: 0151 459 5311
Mobile: 07436 163993

EDIT 05/04/2021 : Please note the WJJF have been forced to close the ‘Clark Centre’ building (Barlows Lane, Liverpool) due to water damage. Please use the above address for any enquiries that would previously have been directed to Barlows Lane. Full details can be read here.

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