Sensei Julia away on medical leave.

Sensei Julia will be away for a few weeks as she is due to have a minor surgery this Friday 9th February. This is was something we knew about privately so was not totally unexpected, but Julia has only just learned the date of her surgery, hence the short notice.

It is a minor surgery and she is expected to make a full recovery afterwards. However after the surgery Julia won’t be allowed to drive for a little while, making getting to classes a little difficult.

This will mean that from this Friday 9th February and for the next few weeks after, I (Sensei Adam) will leading the classes. We therefore ask that any enquiries or messages from current or potential students are directed to me instead of Julia. This would include if you are letting us know that you or your child won’t be attending for a class that week.

Julia is expected to be off for a few weeks, and if there is any change in that plan then we will let you know.

In any case, we all wish Sensei Julia well and good luck!